The Time Clock Wizard

Most organizations are switching to the use of online time clocks. With applications like the Time Clock Wizard, it is very easy for an organization to create employee schedules, track employee time, payroll tracking and many more functions. Using online time clocks saves an organization a lot of time and money. The Time Clock Wizard offers a lot of services to the organization. For starters; it manages employee schedules. With tools like the shift planning software, one can easily plan the shifts for each employee. It offers an easy-to-use interface that is perfect for organizations of all sizes. It can plan for shift changes, offer all types of reports like the timesheets and even the contact reports.

With tools like face recognition, locations-capture and customization, one can easily manage employee schedules without much hassle. The Time Clock Wizard also enables organizations to track employee time from different devices. The software is easy and can easily control where and when employees clock in from. Managers have the ability to edit clock-ins and clock-outs as well as option to round off to the nearest minute. They can also opt to receive real-time notifications via texts or email and even when unscheduled clock-ins are attempted. Go here for more.

The Time Clock Wizard offers all payroll reporting. From those of timesheets to those of payrolls, PTO, schedules, employee contacts and many more, the whole payroll department is managed in one device. This provides efficiency in operations, therefore, saving the organization money and time. One is able to easily assign tasks to different employees with this application. The deadlines and tracking can easily be made through the same. The app ensures easy mobility and tracking of employees through the GPS feature it has. As a bonus, with the app, any tablet or device can easily be turned into a mounted clock as it can show time on top of it all.

The pricing of the Time clock wizard is very convenient as it offers different packages to different team sizes. The prices go to as low as three to teams with the least number of people in it. It offers a free 30-day trial period that enables you to make a better-informed decision once the trial is over. Above it all, one can choose to make monthly payments or annual ones depending on their ability. The website offers more info that will best kickstart your use of the software. It is easy to use, navigable and easy to understand therefore offering maximum customer satisfaction to all involved. Read also:


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